What Is the Good Side of Gemini?


Gemini is able to adapt to any different situation that you have to live with amazing ease. Or with some effort sometimes. Be that as it may, you do it and above without losing the smile on your lips. When it comes to solving something with the right words, everyone looks for you: to mediate between two opposing people, to sell a product or a plan, to convince a person about something ... If you play something, you usually win. Although for you, what your mental agility really serves is to be the first to grasp a problem and to solve it quickly later.

When it comes to being resourceful, you may have a competitor, but you tend to succeed because you combine it with your intelligence, your speed, and even your sense of humor.

Your ease of connecting with people is one of the virtues that stand out the most in you. If you want friends, you find them; If you want plans, you know how to get invited to them. And if you need a shoulder to cry on, you have no shortage of candidates.

Few people after meeting you do not recognize that your sympathy is one of the things that at first glance have most caught their attention about you. Then, when they know your sense of humor, your optimism, and your ability to joke, they reaffirm that you are the joy of the garden.

Your yearning for freedom is always present. That is why some commitments to be with certain people or to go somewhere make you feel repellent.

Being someone so variable in character, so easy to change and do one thing or another, helps you do a lot of jobs and work with very different people.

You are so outgoing that when you arrive at a new place, you have no problems relating to or helping those who come to you thinking that you are a veteran in the place. And it seems that you have been more times to see how well you relate.

In many meetings, you are the life of the party because you are so funny, because of your sense of humor, because you talk about interesting things, because what you say you do with an emphasis and an eloquence that does not bore anyone. Quite the opposite. Being so restless mentally, you are never only left with what you have in front of your eyes. You are able to turn any situation around.

Your gifts of conviction are the most valued when you are offered to do certain jobs. You have no competitor there. You can do whatever you want.

You are always very nice to people, you try not to give a bad answer or have a bad gesture with anyone. Although sometimes you think that there are people who do not deserve so much kindness. And you don’t.

When you can’t be convincing, you pull out your other important weapon: persuasion. And there if it is really that you are going to get what you want yes or yes.

You are very easy to see many faces of the same situation. Not surprisingly, you yourself have many faces and with each of them, you are able to get to the bottom of many situations.

You have the power of words. And using them you are happy. Talking and enjoying it. But at the same time, you don’t mind listening to others. If they also know how to use them and teach you things, you will be happy to give them the floor.

Neither when they teach you something, nor when they teach you about something, nor when you face a new issue for the first time is it necessary that no one take a long time to explain the subject to you. You get everything the first time in an amazing way.

In addition to the fact that you know how to adapt to any situation, your predisposition is very good to do so. You do not usually put buts to almost anything.

You don’t like to be cheated on, but you also hunt fast for those who want to.

Your way of being a leader and giving the command is that you do it with a lot of intelligence, wit, and… charm. That also counts. It counts a lot. You are a flirtatious person. And that’s not bad, really. Because you control it perfectly. Another thing would be for it to be like a drug that dominates you. But it is not like that.

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