What Is the Good Side of Capricorn?


You have a way of thinking and acting that earns you the respect of others. Everyone knows how to see that you are someone solid, firm, responsible and trustworthy. As a leader you are determined, prudent, persevering and organized. All this makes others not only follow you, but they do it totally confident that what you control will be well done. Your tenacity is what leads you to reach the end, not to be influenced by what others think, or by obstacles or by the easy way. What you have in mind is the ultimate goal and you go for it to the death. You always achieve your goals, Capricorn.

Having some control over what you feel helps keep your mind clear of fluctuating moods or sentimental feelings and dramas. All this does not prevent you from enjoying your feelings, but always controlling. Protecting yourself so much from being hurt says of you that you are someone sensitive and that makes others value you differently. They see that behind the barrier you put up there is a great heart that is afraid. And you seem more human to them.

You do not work or do anything that you do not think you should do, but that does not mean that it is very stimulating for you that your work, your effort and your time are valued.

Especially because you subtract it from your personal life, something that others do not sacrifice like you. You work well because you organize yourself well so that the risks you have to take are minimal. And the few there are, you take on with courage. You are prudent and cautious so that there are no last minute surprises.

You don’t mind doing other people’s work if it helps to get something done or solved. Although you like that responsibilities are shared when there are mistakes. Maybe you committed them but because you were doing the work of others.

Taking into account the most negative part of a situation helps you to control better, to be more realistic and to be better prepared for what comes after it. If it is about achieving success, everything must serve to achieve it.

People who come to you and want to be your friends, partners, or co-workers have to do so by being sincere and with good intentions. You are very practical and you want to hear the truth, not make illusions or live between fantasies because people are very given to promise (and then not fulfill what is promised).

You make the decisions of your life in a well thought-out way, and even if you ask for time, you think it is necessary to avoid making any mistakes. You contemplate all possible possibilities to minimize any risk. You have an ability to organize yourself with a lot of method, order and common sense. And that helps you both to work, to organize your life, and to interact with others. And if it sounds cold, somehow you are. Or rather, you are calm, patient and temperate. And that?

You like to be seen as someone who takes life seriously. And if necessary, also with joy. What doesn’t suit you is taking life as a joke and only getting serious from time to time. Taking your time helps you to think well about what to do, to do things calmly, to enjoy what you are doing, and to take on problems

You are reserved but because being like that helps you so that those who know about you do not use it against you. How many times that you have not been, and there has always been someone who has taken advantage of the information and data about you to hurt you!

In what you do you tend to be the best. And if you are not the best, it is because you prefer to be in the background, but to enjoy what you do more. Because above all, it is about enjoying life with the work that one has to do.

Even if you do not show your feelings, you have them and are very deep. In fact, your people are one of the most important things in your life and for them, you would be capable of anything.

You endure adversity well. You are mentally strong and ready for almost anything. And when forces fail, you know how to rebuild yourself from the inside, move away at times, but come back stronger than before being bad.

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