What Is the Good Side of Cancer?


Cancer is tenderness the best proof that you are made to give love to others. And with her is how you best show it. The sensitivity with which you were born has made you a person who can suffer a lot in life. But it also helps you feel things that other people will not be able to feel in their entire life. Your mood can be changeable but just as you go from good to bad, it is the other way around. And besides, you’re not changing your mood all day either. What’s more, you tend to be kind and sweet most of the time. You help others and you are always there because you are like that, it is born to you. That does not mean that you get rid of love when they thank you, you like it very much. You feel that giving so much is worth it. For what you help and because the gratitude that you receive in return to you also does you a lot of good.

You make your home a place to enjoy yours. Just like yourself, you become a place where others come and find the protection, warmth, comfort, light, and lots of hugs.

Giving advice you are the best. You always have the exact word for others. And if it is not the exact one, it has so much affection that you will do some good with it.

You have a secret ability for others to tell you secrets and another to know how to keep them yourself. You are discretion personified.

Between the ideas that are born to you and those that you invent with your fantasy and with your many imaginative gifts, you are a torrent of creativity at work, organizing plans or solving problems.

You have a great sense of humor and wit to diffuse a situation. You can also laugh out loud at any nonsense. But best of all, you know how to laugh at yourself.

Your good memory gives you very good service in your life, although it also leads you to remember what you do not want. But hey, you brag about it even if it has this more negative part.

Your sense of justice is not lip service. It is real. And also, you are a person who has the initiative to try to reduce injustice.

You protect yours as if they were yourself. Or more. And as you see that someone hurts them for free, you go for that person to death. That they would have been more careful!

You give and you want to be given. Your love is not disinterested far from it. You would not give it the same even if you did not receive anything, but it encourages you to be reciprocated. Well, more than stimulating you, what usually happens to you is that you melt.

Although on the outside you may get angry or irritated a little, what counts for those who know you well is the great heart you have.

Your susceptibility and your hypersensitivity trigger many situations that were falsely hidden. Even if you uncover the thunderbox with a few comments, that’s always a good way to fix what wasn’t working.

You make your relationships very romantic. And that is something that makes many people feel that they are living a fairy tale. Really, when you fall in love and are reciprocated, you have details and you show the affection that everything seems rosy.

Before a friend calls you because they are having a hard time, you go ahead and help them. Your intuition leads you to know when they need you and you are usually aware so that no one has a bad drink alone.

Even if you like to be protected, you are stronger than you think and sometimes you seem. What happens is that since you like pampering and having a partner, it seems that later you can’t live without them. But it’s not like that.

You are the best in many family gatherings or with lifelong friends. For your sense of humor, for your details so that everyone feels good, and because you are a lynx remembering funny anecdotes from the past.

You ask for a lot but you give double. You demand a lot but you make sure to compensate for each demand by being aware of the wishes of others.

You are capable of raising the self-esteem of anyone with your affection, flattering those who need it, and listening to the infinity of the complaints of others. You make them feel that they matter, that everything will work out and that they have a lot to offer the world.

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