What Is the Good Side of Aquarius?


Aquarius loves being original, different, and not following trends or following anyone. You set trends and are faithful to you, whatever goes ahead. Being unpredictable leads to being surprised. At any time, in any place, and with anyone you can do what is least expected and surprise, for sure. With others, you know how to be that way in which nothing is forced. You like to go your way and that others go theirs. When you are there, you enjoy yourself, and if you want to leave, you don’t want anyone to be angry. Long live freedom, yours and the one that you always offer to others. From your anarchy your creativity is born, from your rebellion the way to change the world a little, from your humanitarian sense, your struggle to help those who need it most.

Your way of being tolerant is one in which you respect what each one thinks, although some opinions of some groups, more if they are conventional, you do not like at all.

I wish everyone did the same with their way of thinking, dressing, or living. Because sometimes they seem to live to criticize you. When an idea comes into your head, you like to get to the end. If someone wants to call it stubborn, do it but it is what helps you get what you want despite having some people against it.

You have a type of intermittent energy that leads you to do things with a certain mess, like in stages. But in each of them, you give it a different touch. All that makes your work or how you solve some issues is something very different and original.

You are true to your principles and that is something that not everyone can boast about.

You like the changes, the novelty, the difference. But if you don’t like them, you tolerate them just as well. Out of respect, because they do not scare you and because always, and even from the bad, you can learn.

There is always close to you a wide circle of people who appreciate and value you. Like you to them. If you do not strengthen the bond, it is because doing so is enough for you. You like that there are some margins of freedom between people so that relationships are not contaminated with the complicated emotional world.

You have your own ideas, many of them very idealistic, but your honesty does not allow you to eat the coconut to anyone so that they live or think like you. And look what you could because you have enough intelligence to get what you want. If someone wants to follow you, you prefer that they do so from freedom.

Despite the pressure of always being the weirdo, the one with the weirdest ideas, you always try to be yourself. What others think is one thing, and how you feel is another. You know that you are special but not a rare one in life. Some of those seem weirder to you!

You know how to see both sides of the same situation. That is a value that, when used well, is very important. What it serves you mainly for is to exploit your ingenuity and to move in the harsh world of conventional people.

You are very independent. You do not need anyone to be aware of you. Although in love, it seems that it takes more to be aware of the other at all hours. The thing that you do not understand, although you respect. Isn’t it better to be an independent person than a dependent? Isn’t it better to be there when someone needs you but not all the time?

You like to control what you feel, especially on a sentimental level. If it is about that feeling of getting excited about the injustices of the world, there you take off your knight armor and eat the world. You know how to be alone and you take advantage of it to think about everything from where you are going and where you come from. Come on, those little moments help you to place, reposition and think about what you really want and need.

You cannot stand contempt or bad answers, neither to you nor to others. It is impossible for you to see someone who treats another badly and stand idly by. You have to act. Despite the fact that on many occasions you get overwhelmed and frustrated by the course of events, you have a clear mind, clear to be able to analyze the situation. You may not know exactly what you want, but you do know what you don’t want. And all that helps you a lot to move through life.

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