What Is the First Impression of Virgo?


Virgo, your first impression can be somewhat difficult. For you it is not a problem, because you do not care a bit what others say about you or what they think of your actions. But for others it is more complicated. Because, Virgo, you are a being that is always assimilating everything that happens around you. You tend to evaluate and criticize anything. But you don’t do it badly, your nature is just like that.

You always need to give your opinion, be it good or bad. And when it comes to a first contact with a person, this can lead to misunderstandings. Because others may think that you are criticizing to do harm, because they still do not know you and do not know how you are. But don’t worry, who really wants to meet you will start asking you. And he may even agree with you in some of your criticisms.

For this reason, there are times when you may think that many people dislike you and as a consequence, you think that they are going to dislike you. But Virgo, you have a lot of patience. And you know very well how to apply it with others. Because if you think someone dislikes you, you will go patiently and peacefully to ask and you will want to know what they think of you. Because you are like that and just like you always give your opinion, even if they don’t ask for it, you want to know what others think about you. This, the first time you meet someone, it can be somewhat violent. But it’s not like that. You don’t do it with that intention. You do it because you like to know and get to know others well.

From the first moment others will realize that you are a very detailed person. And you take great care of everything you do or what you want to happen. You know well how to treat others. You have just met a person, you worry about knowing what they like in life. And you also try to please him with what you think he deserves the most at that moment. Virgo, you may believe that a lot of people dislike you, but deep down they don’t. Once they get to know you a little they will know that all they thought was just a simple false appearance.

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