What Is the First Impression of Taurus?


Taurus, your most mysterious side is the first thing that comes to light in the first impression. You have such a mysterious nature that people can be speechless when they meet you. People will be impressed by that amazing look you have. And that mystery can be a good thing and it can be a bad thing. The downside is that they may think that you are lying and they may begin to distrust you, because that mystery is a treasure and it is very difficult to get to it. And to get there you have to know yourself very well. The good side is that people may get hooked on that mystery and want to know more about you. Because in the end everyone will want to discover you and you know how you are.

In the first impression you can seem a serious, distant and cold person. You can convey your cooler and more controlling side. But all that is because you when you meet someone for the first time you need to analyze the other person as well. Because you don’t want anything to get out of your control and nothing to surprise you afterwards. And that’s why you seem a bit distant to the other person. Because you need to analyze the situation and the person well and then know if you will be able to trust them or not.

You are a very fighter person, who sets a goal and is going to go for it no matter what. And you convey that very well the first time you meet someone. You radiate an aura of strength and confidence that can scare anyone. You are the bull that says “here I am”. You are very clear that if you propose something you will achieve. And that force that will make others want you to support and help them.

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