What Is the First Impression of Sagittarius?


Sagittarius, you in the first impression will surely succeed. You are a person of a very open character. You are always willing to meet new people to share good times with. Because your sense of humor is incredible. You know well how to be funny, but without going overboard, because that can sometimes be somewhat uncomfortable and it is not what you want to make it seem like you are. You are a very sincere person and you transmit that in your attitude. Others from the first moment see in you someone they can trust and they believe that you are someone with great frankness. That you are going to tell things how they are, but always with love and respect. Because hurting others is not your thing. You feel very bad the moment you think you could have hurt someone.

You have a great dreamy character. You almost always show your happiest side to others and people may believe that you are someone who lives in the clouds. But it’s not like that, you just want to live life your way. And that way is fulfilling your dreams. So you want others to join your adventure and they provide you with new plans. Because for you one of the most important things is to enjoy everything that happens around you. From the first moment they meet you, they will see you as a very optimistic person who always sees the positive side of everything.

Sagittarius, you are very curious and you know it. You really like meeting others and knowing things about their life. You always love to be asking others to find out more about them. You like to explore in every way. From the first moment you meet someone, you will want to know more about that person. You want to discover everything that is inside. People can make mistakes and they can think that you just want to gossip. But they do not know you and they do not realize that it is not like that and that you simply want to know others well. Sagittarius, you always win on the first impression.

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