What Is the First Impression of Pisces?


Pisces, the first impression that others have of you is that you are someone very tender and sweet. You are someone who is always dreaming of a thousand things that you would like to achieve. You tend to always like me very well at the beginning. Because someone like that always falls well. You are very kind to others and even if you just met someone you would already be willing to help anyone. Because Pisces, you are like that and it is something that others appreciate very much. But that sensitive and sweet side disappears a bit when they know you well. This is like your most superficial character. Once they know you, they will realize that you can become someone with great character and with many contrasts, but even so, you will continue to have that more sensitive side.

They will also realize that you are someone very empathetic and that you always understand very well what others feel. Or at least you try. Also, you like to know the secrets of others, but you are not a gossipy person. That is not your intention. It is that you simply like the mystery and you love knowing what the rest hides, discovering it… Because you think that a person with many secrets is someone very interesting and worth knowing. Because it will surely surprise you every day with something new. And you love that, Pisces.

The first time you meet someone, you want them to take a good image of you and that is why you will always show your kindest side. But you don’t do it to please others or to please them. If not, because it comes out to you because of your nature. Without a doubt, what people are left with the first time they know that you are Pisces is with your sweetness. Because almost everyone likes that.

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