What Is the First Impression of Libra?


Libra, your first impression can be defined in one word: PEACE. You are someone who transmits a peace that everyone will want to be by your side to soak up it. You are a very nice and attentive person, you always worry that nothing will go wrong and you want others to be comfortable with you. Which can lead to a bit of seriousness. And this is because sometimes you are afraid to show who you really are and run away. But when they really know you, no one will run away. That is why you are always a very polite and well-mannered person. You would rather be seen like that than be seen as someone immature and childish who wants to be funny at all times.

You don’t usually smile a lot but when you smile, your smile will be the truest that others will see in their life. Because you really are sorry and you don’t like to show worthless smiles. From the beginning, you already know how to respect personal spaces. You’re not going to meddle where you shouldn’t. Because you would like them to do the same to you. You are not going to ask more than necessary, you are only interested in the simplest details of others. Those that are really necessary to get to know the other person. Libra, you will leave the necessary space for others, but you will also listen to others, because it is something that you are very good at. It may seem that you are of few words, but what you do best is listening. And in return you want them to also listen to you when you need it. But all in due course.

It is going to be very difficult for you to criticize the first time you meet someone. You may not like someone, but it stays there. You are someone very open minded. You are not going to criticize anyone who appears different from you in a first meeting. You are an expert in dealing with people who are different from you. And you also like people to get out of the ordinary. Because you see in them a very different adventure in which you want to participate. And if you feel the need to make a criticism, you will, but not the first moment you meet him. Because you need to have confidence and you think that at that moment it is better to remain silent than to hurt the other person. Libra, you are a very social person and that is what you really convey in the first impression.

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