What Is the First Impression of Leo?


Leo, from the first moment they meet you, people already think you are amazing. And it is that that self-love that you have makes you win in the first impression. Others will see you as a being with your own light and magic. Everyone will want to meet you. Because who would want to miss meeting someone like that? You have that magnetism that makes you attract anyone. You are admiration personified. Others will want you to do everything well, but you know that you are not, but you simply try to trust everything you do.

You are the loveliest of signs and this can have a bad side. And it is that those who meet you for the first time may think that you are someone very conceited and that you will always try to stay above like foam. But really it’s not so. And it is that it scares them to see someone with so much self-love because they are not used to it. But there is nothing to worry about, because there are the few who think this way. That’s because deep down they envy you and want to be like you.

Already in a first meeting you are always very kind and very generous. You always offer to help with whatever others need. You always lean in to listen to the other person and try to understand them. You will never leave anyone lying down. Because, in addition, if you commit to something or someone, you are going to pay for what you have promised.

In your first impression, what predominates the most will be the domain and control you have over yourself. You know what you do and how you do it. And you also transmit a lot of nobility and a lot of passion. The rest of the world thinks you are amazing.

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