What Is the First Impression of Gemini?


Gemini, you are sure to succeed in the first impression. You are a person who loves to socialize and you know how to adapt to any social environment. When you come to a place again, you will start talking to anyone and start wanting to get to know everyone. People will think that you have a gift for people and that you were born to live in society. But it is that you are like that and you cannot change it. You want to make friends everywhere, you always take any opportunity to meet anyone. And others realize that when they are in front of you, Gemini.

Your look conveys a lot the first time you meet someone. You have a very curious look and you want to know everything. You also use it to express well what you say and what you feel at that moment. And with your look you say everything. EVERYTHING. When someone meets you for the first time and sees those direct looks, they can freak out. But you need to communicate and you use all the resources you have because you don’t know how to be quiet without transmitting anything.

And it is that people can judge you for being too gossipy / or in the first impression. Because you can’t be quiet without asking anything. Your curious character makes you want to know everything about anything and you don’t do it the wrong way. You are just like that. You need to know about the other person in order to get to know them. You will be the one who tries to lead the conversation to find out more about the other person. You will ask it and without being asked, you will answer. Because you are like that. Curious and communicative by nature.

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