What Is the First Impression of Capricorn?


Capricorn, the first impression that others usually have of you is that you are someone cold. Someone who does not seem to be affected by things and who does not care about anything around him. Because it is not that you are someone like that, it is that you do not like to draw attention to anything and you prefer to go unnoticed than to have a thousand eyes on you, asking what happens. People may believe that you treat everything with indifference, but you are not. You simply prefer to prevent something from affecting you again. You are a very stealthy person in everything you do and you are also very secretive with others. You don’t want anyone to ask you for an explanation of what you do. So, you won’t ask others for them either.

From the first moment someone meets you, you are already capable of transmitting that hard-working spirit that characterizes you so much. You fight to achieve what you have set out to do and if that means working hard, you will. It does not matter how much effort it takes you because you are going to go for it. People who do nothing annoy you a lot. Those who prefer to sit idly by rather than go to work to get what you want. And if you see someone like this right from the beginning, you’re going to try to tell that person to get on with it and get to work.

You are someone with a lot of maturity and this is how you show yourself to others when you meet them. You have had many experiences and you have learned a lot from each of them. When you meet someone for the first time, you show yourself as someone strong, with a lot of learning and willing to share everything you know with others. You will love to tell that person each of the adventures you have lived and invite them to the next ones that you are going to live. Capricorn, deep down you are not as cold as they say you are. And everyone who has stopped to meet you knows that.

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