What Is the First Impression of Aquarius?


Aquarius, the first time people see you they may think you are a little crazy. Always thinking about the thousand plans you have, the thousand things you want to do… You are someone very independent and for others it is very difficult to feel close. Because you are always flying very far and it is difficult to reach you.

Freedom is what matters most to you in life. But this also leads to being someone very social, who always wants to meet new people to have new plans and to make everything more fun. That is why you have many friends and you admire them. The first time you meet someone you will talk about them, because for you it is one of the best things you have in life. You will always defend your friends above anything else, so it would be better if no one messes with them. And you will make it very clear from the beginning.

You love to smile and convey happiness, even when you shouldn’t. And that can upset certain people when you’ve just met them. Because yes, there are people who resent that others are happy while they are not. But Aquarius, it is not your fault that others do not know how to take advantage of life in the same way that you are taking advantage of it. Although you should control your sympathy in some moments. It is good that you always try to spread your smile to others, but if you have just met a person who is not having a good time or it is a complicated situation, you better stop being so smiling. Because it will be much easier for everyone.

Aquarius, when someone meets you, they may feel that you are a bit difficult to understand. And deep down you are, but that’s what makes you so special. You always have a thousand things in your head and you don’t stop still. Others are not able to understand how this can be true. And at first, it seems a bit difficult for them to understand you. Because they are not going to get into your head to see everything you think. But, at the end of the day, when they know you well they will know that there is someone very special in there.

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