What Is Faith In God According To The Bible?

What Is Faith In God According To The Bible?

Have you ever thought about the things we do every day that require faith? Riding a bus, eating in a restaurant, crossing the street, planting a seed… all this requires a certain level of faith. But what is faith? How do you define faith yourself?

The Royal Academy gives us some definitions about faith. For example, he talks about faith as a set of beliefs that some person or group of people can have. Many of the other definitions offered talks about trust, or the good concept we can have about a person or a situation. When he defines the concept of faith in Christianity, he tells us that it is a virtue related to theology that consists in affirming the revelation of God.

The Bible also defines faith and helps us understand what it is for. The following verses will help you to have a little more clarity about the concept of faith and will encourage you in your walk with God.

How is faith in God defined in the Bible?

1. Faith is the certainty that we will receive something that we do not yet have.

As Christians, our faith is based on the certainty that God (the object of our faith) will do what we expect, in His own way and in His time. We do not ask at random like spoiled or overly pampered children, we ask according to His will, basing our requests on what pleases our God.

2. By faith we please God, we believe that it is true and that we can trust in His promises.

When we say that we have faith in God we affirm that He is real in our lives and that He is the one who can grant our deepest requests and dreams. This affirmation pleases and gladdens the heart of our God. That faith in Him confirms that we know that He has all the power to grant us what we long for today, and also to give us eternal life.

3. Our faith is the answer to a real God who reveals Himself to us in different ways because He longs for us to know Him

In His word God affirms us that there is no other God. But He does not remain merely in words, He goes further and reveals Himself to us. If we are attentive and give Him an opportunity, we can experience His touch in our hearts and the strength that He gives us to live a life that shows that He is the Lord of our hearts.

How is faith in God acquired?

1. Faith is a gift from God

God put faith in the heart of the human beings and it is the human being who decides where to deposit that faith. When we put our faith in Jesus we choose to believe that his coming to earth, his miracles, and his sacrifice on the cross were a reality and it opened the door for us to receive salvation and eternal life.

2. God has given us all a measure of faith

For the grace that has been given to me, I say to all of you: Let no one have a higher self-concept than he should have, but rather think of himself with moderation, according to the measure of faith that God has given him.
(Romans 12: 3)

Having faith requires humility, seeing ourselves as we are, human and finite. God gives us a measure of faith by which we recognize our need for Him. We can increase that faith to the extent that we allow it to work in our hearts and transform us more to be more in alignment with His image.

3. Faith begins to act at the moment we receive our salvation and it extends to all areas of our lives

Our faith begins in the depths of our hearts, and we begin to speak, to share what God has done in us. Then, as we grow in our walk with Jesus, faith manifests itself through our actions, words, and decisions.

4. When we decide to believe that God’s promises are true and they will be fulfilled

All the promises that God has made are “yes” in Christ. So through Christ we respond “amen” to the glory of God.
(2 Cor.1: 20)

The promises of God were fulfilled in Jesus. The ministry of Jesus on earth was a ministry of power, healing, and salvation. We can confidently trust that God keeps fulfilling His promises, still wants to heal, forgive, and save. We can pray in the name of Jesus and say “amen” (so be it) without doubt because God remains faithful, He is still God Himself.

What is the importance of faith in God?

1. By faith we receive forgiveness and salvation

God loved us so much that He sent His own son, Jesus, to die for us. By putting our faith in Jesus and believing in Him, we receive the forgiveness of our sins and we come to have eternal life.

2. We receive Jesus in our hearts by faith

I ask you, through the Spirit and with the power that comes from your glorious riches, to strengthen you in the depths of your being, so that by faith Christ may dwell in your hearts.
(Ephesians 3: 16-17)

By faith we decided to open our hearts to Jesus. His Spirit comes to dwell in us and strengthens us in everything.

3. We overcome the world and our fleshly tendencies through our faith

Through our faith in Jesus we were able to overcome the temptations and the tendency to sin. It gives us the strength to seek to please God more than to consent to all our desires.

4. Faith is part of the Christian’s armor; helps us to reject doubts, to stand firm in the face of temptation and faithful to Jesus

Besides all this, take the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the burning arrows of the evil one.
(Ephesians 6:16)

God does not let us fight alone, He provides us with the armor we need to overcome in our spiritual struggle. The shield that the verse speaks of was a large shield used by the Roman soldiers for their advancement. When we try to advance in our walk with Jesus, doubts and attacks may arise on several fronts, but if you hold on tightly to the shield of faith and learn to use it, you will be able to put out those attacks of the evil one.

Learn what it is and how to wear the armor of God.

5. Faith opens the door for us to experience miracles

-What do you want me to do for you? He asked.

“Rabbi, I want to see,” replied the blind man.

“You can go,” Jesus said. Your faith has healed you.

At once he regained his sight and began to follow Jesus along the way.

(Mark 10:52)

Faith gives us the certainty that God can do even what seems impossible; open the door for God to work since we have no reservations when asking. By faith we ask and approach him to intervene in all areas of our lives.

6. Faith in God makes us different, it transforms us. The old is behind us and we have the opportunity to a new beginning

Thanks to our faith we are new creatures, the old is left behind and we have a new beginning. We can look forward with the peace of the one who knows that he is in the best hands.

Remember that in order to have faith in God you must know him and cultivate your friendship with him. Spend time with God, seek to increase your faith. You will not regret.

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