What is the exaltation of the Holy Cross that is celebrated on September 14?

What is the exaltation of the Holy Cross that is celebrated on September 14?

Every September 14, the church celebrates the exaltation of the Holy Cross. That is, the cross on which Christ died. In its history, it is established that it was found by Saint Helena in the fourth century and later, Emperor Heraclius returned it to the Holy City on September 14 but in the year 628.

To avoid various thefts, this holy wood, so revered by all, was divided into parts and distributed in different places.

Thus, the exaltation of the cross is a religious festival, which is usually celebrated by Christians with the Catholic Church and also the Orthodox Church. During this day the cross on which Jesus gave his life to save humans is commemorated and venerated.

On this day, the liturgical color is red. In Roman times this day used to be celebrated as the feast of the Lord, and it is noteworthy that this celebration stands out because the relics of the Holy Cross, if they exist in the temple, or other crosses, are exhibited, and they are also adorned with flowers.

It is celebrated on September 14 because, as we have seen, it is when the anniversary of the consecration of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher of Jerusalem was held in the year 335 of the current era, in addition to what was mentioned before, since Heraclius in the year 628 from the hands of the Persians.

Not only on September 14 is commemorated what Christ suffered on the cross. On May 3, the invention of the Holy Cross is celebrated, where the central role that this symbol represents in his life is remembered.

The sign of the cross

Making the sign of the cross or making the sign of the cross is a symbol of Christianity that has many meanings. Christians reaffirm themselves in the position of belonging to Jesus Christ and his Church, and they keep his figure in mind throughout their lives. Many people, especially religious, wear the cross around their necks because it means that they offer their lives to God. And they remember what Christ went through in those years.

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