What Is the Dark Side of Virgo?


We all have a bad side, and you, you are not going to be the exception ... Virgo is known for saying things as they are, without cutting himself, and that is good, a great attribute, but he also has a small dark side that not everyone knows although we are here to unveil it.

This is the dark side of the Virgo sign ...

Are you negative, obsessed with details, and do you love to judge and criticize? Yes, above all, the latter. You know you have a sharp tongue when you want and you also think that there is nothing wrong with criticism, be it constructive or destructive. The question is to criticize. Point.

You say that you have a sense of humor, and that perhaps sometimes you somehow cross the line between witty humor and black humor, and yes, it is true, you can humiliate whoever you want to the maximum with a single “funny” comment.

Another thing to keep in mind if your dark sideshows are that you have no tact to explain things, no tact, no good manners, no diplomacy. Not at all. If you woke up with the “sarcasm on” mode, better than anyone ask you for advice because the result will be that you will give it, of course, but in your own way (that is, in a bloody way) and someone will end up crying alone later. It won’t be you, obviously.

On your bad days, those days when the good vibes are not on your side and only your darker side is present, you are one of those who do damage and run away, but you always stay close to make sure that what you have done has an impact. and it stings.

Things must be in the place where you put them and you know perfectly well if someone has moved them a millimeter from their place. You do not tolerate anyone taking what is yours without permission and it will not take long to make a drama if they do.

If something enters your eyes in first contact, it does, if not, you will have to work hard to give it a second chance. If you met the biggest boss in the mafia and he gave you a good feeling, you would maintain to death that he is a good person.

The disease scares you and also, you become too obsessed with your health, so much so that you are able to spend your money on alternative medicine therapies, false witches, or food fads.

You can be a Virgo sweetheart, but also a poison when you want. And you know.

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