What Is the Dark Side of Taurus?


We all have a bad side, and you, you will not be the exception ... When your dark sideshows, stubbornness becomes one of your most frequent adjectives. Yes, you are stubborn to the limit, arbitrary and when you want to achieve something, you do not stop, taking whoever it takes ahead of you. You know.

This is the dark side of the Taurus sign ...

What if you are arrogant, proud, and sometimes even a little impertinent? Well yes, and a lot. If you get arrogant, everyone throws in the towel before you. Honestly, God helps the person who doesn’t do what a Taurus wants them to do. He will have to be patient because you are not going to give in, we are sure of that. What’s more, even if you know that they may be right, that it may even be beneficial or necessary for you, if you have already made a decision, do not go back, at least until others have given up. So there, maybe if you can comment that maybe it could be looked at from another point of view ... In short, you can become exasperating for many.

When you do not want to move from a place where you are comfortable, they do not even lift you with a stick, when a Taurus “stabilizes” (even if it is on the sofa at home) no one moves him.

You love money, perhaps more than other zodiac signs, and yes, you are materialistic, and who isn’t right? Everyone likes to have things in their mouth, on their plate, in their purse, in their bank, and in their bed. That you can’t? of course, you do, and what’s more, when you do, you cling to it as if it were a treasure that no one else can touch without your permission. That is why they call you possessive, but, in reality, what others do not understand is what it has cost you to achieve, right? Only a brave man would dare to take away something that is yours.

You always want to know where each of the people around you is, what they are planning to do and it infuriates you that they do not return on time to the point where you left off.

Your opinion is immovable almost always and you do not like violent changes at all. You like the life you lead and why change it? The bad known is always better than the good to know.

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