What Is the Dark Side of Scorpio?


We all have a bad side, and you, you are not going to be the exception ... Your dark side is probably much darker than the rest of the signs, Scorpio. It’s hard to see just how twisted and vindictive you can get because you will always have something hidden up your sleeve, which you will probably use, and it will surprise us again. Again.

This is the dark side of the Scorpio sign ...

Are you intense and ruthless and the other signs of the zodiac know very well that nobody messes with you? Yes, you are crazy about power, even if you haven’t realized it yet. Your reputation is heavy, people know that with you you cannot exceed the line that you have previously marked, of course.

You can become the coldest, calculating, and Machiavellian person on the face of the earth. Your revenge is always served on cold plates and you enjoy them the most. When someone has done something they shouldn’t have done, all you do is look at them threateningly, and they just flinch and bow their heads. You have power, but you seek more.

Nothing stops you from getting what you want, it is so, even if you had to destroy humanity to do so. You are not weak at all and your heart freezes many times.

Power is your life and how do you get that power? There are several options, but your favorite: sex. You are the best at this and there is nothing more to talk about. One night with you is never forgotten and you know perfectly how to use it. Once they have fallen into your clutches they will be so blind that you can do whatever you want with them. It is what you call “playing with the mind.” You are an expert at that. You always win. You do not offer second chances, if at any point they disappoint you, avoid any contact.

A Scorpio is admired, the magnetism you give off is terrifying. You are able to make an empire and destroy it to show that you are the one who decides, even if you apparently lose.

You cannot stand betrayal or infidelity because that means losing, and that is not your place. You distrust others because you know to what extent they can be cruel (like you) but sometimes, they also deceive you, and there, you are lost, you will give everything for nothing, and when you realize the strategy it will cost you to get up again more than the rest. But you will get up.

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