What Is the Dark Side of Sagittarius?


We all have a bad side, and Sagittarius, you are not going to be the exception ... As much as it seems that your intentions are always good, that when you make mistakes it has really been unintentional or that you sell us that you regret your mistakes, you also have your dark side Sagi. Are you cheeky, insolent, daring and do you love gambling? Yes, bet whatever and with whoever.

As a fire sign that you are, you have, like Aries and Leo, that passion to win and always arrive first.

You love risk, so anything reckless and risky is welcome in your life. You know that many times you end up spoiling everything just because of your impulsiveness, but you have learned to pretend that you regret it, and yes, the rest believe you. So, you know you just have to put on that Shrek kitty face and say softly, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to.” Bingo! People trust and you start to plot your next “feat.”

You always get away with explaining that you are a bit “clumsy” by making some really overly cruel comments and that your lack of tact sometimes breaks in just because you’re trying to be honest. But we know that behind that there is a person who is not stupid and who really knows what he is doing and what he is saying.

You risk too much, you believe that you will never lose, and although sometimes you lose it does not matter, because a sign like you is forgiven. You are the first to forgive yourself.

You take everything to the limit. All is all. People can get mad at you but what happens to them? you’re just being funny, aren’t you? If they try to tie you up or forbid something, obviously you won’t even pay attention. You get confused, you fix it. It is so.

You don’t wait for anyone to ask you to say what you think, what’s more, sometimes they don’t even want your opinion but it doesn’t matter to you exactly the same, because you’ll let it go without shame.

With you everything is big Sagi, the light does not exist for you, everything to the beast ... Perhaps the plan to have a drink ends with drunkenness to the point of coma. If they tell you that you shouldn’t go overboard with your food, the first thing you do is eat a 400-gram steak with fries and extra rice. Unconscious? Sometimes yes Sagi, admit it.

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