What Is the Dark Side of Leo?


We all have a bad side, and you, you will not be the exception… Leo, we already know that you are loyal, proud, brave, splendid, and magnificent. Yes, but you have not considered that probably all those who flatter you that way do it because they are afraid that the King of the Zodiac will give them a good stab in the back. You are right.

This is the dark side of the Leo sign ...

Is it true that you are vain, authoritarian, bossy, and contested? Much. You know very well that you have an arrogant attitude when your dark side shows itself, as a good sign of the fire that you are. You love drama and everything around it. Infidelity by anyone and you will create the scandal of his life. There is always something that you make clear to everyone and that is that you are the one in charge.

You love to be flattered and told how great and admirable you are, you let yourself be loved and you increase your ego little by little. Yes, you are self-centered, is there a problem? You know what you are worth and what by “right” corresponds to you, in addition, a large part of the world revolves around you and they respect you for what you get to achieve in your life. The problem is that you trust people too quickly and other signs take advantage of that.

Your life without people has no meaning and, what’s more, you like yourself. They know they can count on you to deliver any masterstroke. Anything that is getting more power, more leadership, and more authority is welcome in your life.

You also know that when your dark side is shown you are a tyrant and have zero tact. There are few who dare to challenge you and provoke you, but there are. And you, you don’t have much patience with them. When you have thrown yourself around someone’s neck, there is no one to stop you, so, a piece of advice for those who are not Leo and have someone close: ally yourself with him if you do not want problems, and if not, DON’T STOP.

You silently despise mediocre people who settle for everything. You will never be like them, although you also know that you need them like that (people who do not complain or aspire to anything) to be able to rule them.

You are never wrong. That’s how it is. For something you are the King of the Zodiac, right? And it won’t take long to prove it to whoever wants to take away your reason, by hook or by crook.

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