What Is the Dark Side of Gemini?


We all have a bad side, and you, you are not going to be the exception ... Gemini, your dark side is sometimes difficult to discover because you know how to take each person where you are most interested, and few realize that, possibly, you are plotting something.

This is the dark side of the Gemini sign ...

Is it true that you have a calculating and unstable mind and that, together with your cunning, makes no plan resist you? Sure, there is no doubt. You love to get information about everything because you know that information is power and what better way is it in your hands ... When you feel cornered by someone you just have to explain to them that you know too much about them, perhaps to the point of being able to make their lives bitter. , you smile when the other begins to back down in their actions.

In a moment of anger or in a confrontation with someone, the first words that come out of your mouth are accusations or inventions. But deep down, you’d rather be at peace with someone than hold a grudge and be angry.

You are capable of being very poisonous and hurtful, although the best thing about you, fortunately for others, is that it passes in five minutes because your mind has been distracted by something.

You have to be entertained all the time because your mind becomes clouded thinking that others may be having a much better time than you or that they have big plans and you are not on the guest list.

That is something very typical of Geminis. You live in a constant stage of adolescence and that, obviously, also depends on the decisions you make. Maturity, responsibility for your actions, and blah blah blah do not go with you.

But despite everything, you are funny, and others like that. Deep down you know that without you, parties are meaningless, that travel is boring and that you spark any event.

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