What Is the Dark Side of Capricorn?


We all have a bad side, and you, you will not be the exception ... Dear Capricorn, you are not spared from a long list of adjectives when your dark side shows itself, starting because you can become petty, greedy, ambitious, negative, cold, spiteful and pessimistic. Yes, this is your worst face.

This is the dark side of the Capricorn sign ...

Do you know how to cheat perfectly and are you a master at pretending that you are the safest person in the world even if you are not? Of course. You will not show yourself weak to anyone, in fact, you will use your cool head before your warm heart. You do it to protect yourself from the harm they may cause you. You have too much energy and stubbornness to convince others that your path is the right one and that they should follow you.

You are too methodical, exact, precise, and you don’t change. You hate that they are late with you and half deals. For you, there are no shades of gray, either it is done or it is not done, or you don’t like it or you like it, or white or black. You have established routines in your life that you are not going to modify because, in reality, you are doing quite well, although sometimes you are a prisoner of monotony.

When you want to be bad, you are, but you always do it in a way that nobody knows it was you. You don’t like having enemies, so you set the traps on others without anyone knowing it was you, there are no partners, no cronies or comrades when you act. You secretly carry it to death. Thus, they can never discover you, you are clean and there is no evidence against you.

We have not yet talked about your extreme pride, very typical in any Capricorn. You will never admit that you have been wrong, you can fail, have chosen wrong, but the word mistake is not in your records. If they betray you, the least you will do is return it, with commissions, and very high. You can’t just sit back knowing that they have tried to play with you and forget it, no, resentment runs through your veins so others have to be careful with you.

You hate the rush, the people who do everything too fast, aimlessly, the unstable, and those who fantasize about unreal things. Those are the worst. You recognize the false ones and you are in charge of making life hell for them.

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