What Is the Dark Side of Cancer?


We all have a bad side, and you, you will not be the exception ... We know that CANCER is a sign that burdens and suffers and hides behind its shell when it feels in danger, yes, but what about its darker side? No sign is no saint so here’s your dose of evil, Cancer boy or girl.

This is the dark side of the Cancer sign:

Do you sometimes become grumpy, touchy, and calculating in the face of life? Yes, and a lot. Your planet is the moon, that’s where that lunatic character comes from that all crabs usually have. The same thing you can be laughing out loud as if there was no tomorrow that crying to the sea and submerged in the deepest depression. That’s how you are, variable and with bipolar emotional swings.

It can irritate absolutely everything. You distrust life because you are afraid of pain, and you prefer to attack before being attacked, hunting than being hunted. You can be the happiest person in an instant of your life but as soon as you drown with some problem, however minimal, you curse your present, you complain and you go to the depths without restraint. After a while, when you have hit bottom, you recover, and, probably, everything returns to normal, as if nothing had happened. At the same time, the same thing happens again. This is your life, full of ups and downs with your moods.

People who have just met you think you are shy and reserved but you are only cautious with some for fear that they will use information against you.

You do not forget the unpleasant things that have been said about you, you know. If at any time something from the past comes to light, you remember it as if you had lived it a few hours ago. You are able to reopen the matter because, for you, nothing is definitively closed.

And much more when they happen to your enemies. It is not fair that everything happens to you, is it?

On many occasions, you are one of those who take risks without fear of anything, you jump even if you know that you are going downhill and without brakes and you do not look both ways before jumping and that sometimes takes its toll. But, you, you have to try everything. There is not much to lose, right?

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