What Is the Dark Side of Aries?


We all have a bad side, and aries, you will not be the exception ... You have many qualities and attitudes worthy of the best being on earth but we also know that you can be ambitious like the most, aggressive, responsive, restless, stubborn, and obsessed with many things that surround you.

This is the dark side of Aries:

There is no more Law than what you put. That is something that is not even asked. In reality, you are one of those people who will never respect authority, you set your rules and your norms, and whoever wants to have to adapt to them.

You don’t usually think that every action has a consequence until the tragedy has occurred. And yes, you are quite lucky in that, you almost always save yourself from everything. It is very likely that they will ban you something (like everyone else), but the next thing you will do is go straight to do it. You are like that. And so we know you.

You are not fragile or subtle, no one is going to find you sitting in a chair philosophizing about the mysteries of life, or still somewhere for long. Not to you. You go jumping around the world, from here to there, and always doing what you feel like doing.  You know.

When you want something you go for it without hesitation, always, but the moment you start to get bored, you end up leaving it in the middle. You are not going to waste your time on something that tires you and that does not motivate you, even if a few hours before it was essential in your life.

You get lost with great ease, you can start doing something with great force but something else comes your way, and, if the latter is more interesting, you will not hesitate to abandon the first.

In reality, you can even be envious (sometimes healthy and sometimes sickly) that others may leave you behind, but deep down you know that, sooner or later, you will have another opportunity to show that an Aries, when he proposes it, arrives first. always, even if it means playing dirty. Does the end justify the means? For you yes.

For example, when you forget your keys, lose your phone, or are unable to open a can of food when you are hungry (you will end up hitting it against everything you have on hand and if you cannot open it, you will end up throwing it out the window).

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