What is scorpio's secret obsession?


Scorpio is a sign that keeps many secrets. He is the mystery in person and therefore it will be very difficult to know what his secret obsession is. But in reality, that obsession is something simpler than we can imagine. Scorpio’s secret obsession is confidence. You are constantly looking for relationships based on trust and loyalty. Both romantic relationships and simply friendship relationships. Scorpio is a sign that is very difficult to trust and that will not let just anyone enter your heart. But once you trust someone, you trust that person for life.

Scorpio knows that trust is something that is achieved in the long term, but will work hard from the beginning to know if that person is trustworthy or not. Confidence has played a very important role in Scorpio’s life and that is why it obsessed him so much. His heart has been broken so many times for trusting someone he shouldn’t trust. He has been betrayed so many times that now he is obsessed with finding someone he can truly trust. Scorpio has suffered so much because of that confidence that now things have changed.

His greatest obsession is to truly trust who deserves it and no one else. No more giving power to people who don’t have it. No more letting anyone into your heart. This obsession has its downside. And now Scorpio is a super demanding person when it comes to letting anyone enter his life. It is capable of extensive testing to see if you can really trust someone or not. And yet, even if you know more or less that you can trust that person, you will continue to fight to know if that person really deserves to enter your heart.

For Scorpio, trust is what moves everything in the world.

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