What is Scorpio zodiac signs obsessed with?


Anyone who knows a little astrology knows the reputation of one of the signs considered “darkest” of the Zodiac: Scorpio. Things as they are, Scorpio is very given to obsessing over everything that interests him, or with everything that worries him, or with everything he wants to achieve ... obviously including love ...

Scorpios are extremely sexual beings but also creative, intuitive and willing to try and experience new sensations with almost everything in life. Scorpio is highly governed by the sacral chakra, which is the chakra that is located just below the navel and is closely related to emotions, sensuality, commitment, security, loyalty, honor in relationships ...

When this chakra is out of balance, people can be very prone to starting addictions or having obsessions. And it is because, everything that the chakra symbolizes takes a 180 degree turn and the security that emanated from it begins to turn into self-esteem problems.

For Scorpios, these feelings of insecurity that sometimes arise from themselves, even if it seems that there is no reason, usually come from some trauma related to their father or mother. They can also be related to someone’s control over their life or to very toxic and dangerous loves.

Obsessions are clearly not good, but Scorpios often turn those obsessions into passions. And when you are passionate about something or someone, you can focus a lot of energy to achieve your purposes. This is why Scorpio is so good at almost everything he sets his mind to and fights constantly. In the end, he becomes so focused that, whatever it may be, he always ends up succeeding. And that is also due to his obsession to achieve it.

If you treat Scorpio well, whatever the realm, Scorpio will treat you well, but when you fail him, Scorpio can turn out to be the worst.  He has a great sense of justice, but of HIS JUSTICE. Sometimes he thinks that only she / he can give what is deserved to whoever deserves it ...

In love, Scorpio is also passionate and does not take very well that it is the other person who leaves him. He becomes too attached and sometimes much more when he sees the other person strong of character, even a little confrontational. Scorpio feels that he knows how to handle any situation, that he must be in control of everything. And when it is not, he gets very frustrated, BUT MORE OBSESSED. Even when the situation sucks and you know that person does not suit you.

The damage that a Scorpio can do is due to the depth of their emotions as a water sign. And sometimes that depth gets totally out of control.

When Scorpios learn to channel their energy productively, such as Drake, Katy Perry, Joaquin Phoenix, or Leonardo Di Capri, they become the best at what they do. They are successful, powerful, and hard-working. But yes, they also have to learn to overcome their fears and traumas, or at least try to learn to live with them. All Scorpios have them, but some stay where they are (Gray Lizard or Scorpion) and others evolve (Eagle).

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