What is Saturn Retrograde And What Are Its Consequences?

What is Saturn Retrograde And What Are Its Consequences?

Imagine a person who always shies away from his responsibilities and is repeatedly faced with similar problems. This is the best way to explain what Saturn Retrograde means.

That’s because Saturn is the planet of responsibility, commitment and, especially, maturity. It is as if he were a disciplining parent who demands posture from his children at all costs. Generally, who has Saturn Retrograde in the astrological chart is usually the type of person we said never grew up, the eternal teenager. They are individuals who shy away from commitments and refuse to take responsibility for themselves, often even pretending to be victims before others.

Being retrograde means that the planet was not spinning at its expected speed and rotation. It is as if it were an optical illusion depending on the point of view. For example, when riding a train and crossing with another one in the opposite direction, we feel that we are stopped, and only the other train moves.

Saturn retrograde: what does it mean?

Saturn Retrograde usually denotes a lesson that needs to be learned. Still, it has already had several other teaching attempts and will need an even greater effort to assimilate the teachings it should. Saturn, as has already been said, is a disciplinarian and does not give up the first or the tenth time until his goal is achieved and his target can develop the skills aimed at him.

However, there is no reason to worry about Saturn or any other retrograde planet on your map, since knowing the existence of this retrocity, we can work in favour of this energy and make its passage easier or even take advantage of it.

After all, if you already know that you need to work on your maturity and responsibility, what’s the point of running away? The same goes for all people in the period when this planet is backward for everyone. Avoid making significant decisions, especially those involving money, and always recognize the value of not. Knowing how to deny what you need and want is a necessary strength that tends to be forgotten in these periods.

The consequences of Saturn retrograde

Saturn is the sixth planet in the solar system, and one of its main characteristics is that it has two rings made up of macroparticles made up of different elements. This year, it will be retrograde for a few months. Although we always hear that Mercury in this phase is usually dangerous for the twelve horoscope signs, it is necessary to emphasize that this raises also generates good influences on people’s daily lives.

This is why we will dedicate this article to the consequences of this star when it is in a retrograde phase. It is essential to know that this process means from an astrological perspective that the energies of the planet where it is found cause situations of different times to be experienced. In the same way, the reduction of the influence of the celestial body on what it symbolizes is evidenced.

Saturn in the retrograde phase

One of the things we must know when this planet is in this phase is that it is linked to Karma and time. However, one of the advantages of Saturn passing through this stage is that it makes people have a much higher sense of intuition. Likewise, it is necessary to try to make decisions from the rational and emotional, since many of the chosen things in this period turn out to be based on feelings because the sentimental dominates people’s personalities. Like Mercury retrograde, it is suggested to take projects with caution. A lot of evaluation is required for things to go perfectly.

It should be noted that they are moments of reflection. Therefore, doing a process of introspection of everything that has been lived is ideal for achieving progress from the spiritual perspective. Only by being aware of the actions carried out is it possible to move forward. From the global, intense moments are coming on different levels. Diplomatic relations between nations are fractured, and some countries will even receive a dose of Karma that will not necessarily be positive. People live consequences of their past and present, which they must assume without any escape.

Saturn retrograde in the birth chart

When this symbolism is evidenced in the natal chart, it means that people have behaviour problems. Most of them experience great inconveniences and cause them for reasons associated with their past lives, as some claim that they evaded responsibilities. They need to put more effort into the proposed projects, as it will be challenging to achieve them. However, nothing is impossible, and everything can be achieved with work and perseverance. Calmness and emotional intelligence are required to cope with situations that will not always be optimal. The important thing is that people take advantage of their strengths to achieve a better perspective on life because a clear message is that Karma will do something in this life, and we must learn from it at all costs. Courage, if you can!!

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