Palmistry - Principle, Definition, Meaning and Synonyms

Palmistry - Principle, Definition, Meaning and Synonyms

Who never wanted to know more about their future? There are several divination instruments around the world but there is one that stands out, the most accessible and practical of all: our hands. Palmistry is the art of reading hands, it is both a form of divination and self-knowledge. And don’t think that it was invented a few years ago, records date that people used palmistry three thousand years ago, mainly in China, India and Egypt. Curious? Let’s find out a little more about this ancient art.

The principle of the Palmistry

Let’s look first at the left hand - which represents your birth potential - and then the right - which says what you will do about that potential. But remember that it can be the other way around if you’re left-handed. The hand that you use to carry out your activities is the one of your essence, and the other on your future choices.

The meaning behind the shape of the hand

The shape of our hands also reveals a little of our characteristics. There are 4 formats that have been named with the four elements.

Earth: the hands of the earth element are characterized by being square, having short fingers and well-marked lines. People who have this format have a solid nature, value security, like the comfort zone and also long-term relationships, strive to find this type of relationship like no one else.

Fire: long hand, spatula-shaped fingers shorter than the palm, firm and warm skin. Anyone who has this format is known for being an agitated person, likes news and is bored easily with routines.

Water: known for idealizing love and its relationships, reaching a platonic level. They are sensitive and romantic people who have smooth hands and full of fine lines, moist skin with palm and long fingers.

Air:  characterized by being more rational people, they are conquered by intelligence and are not easily carried away by emotions, they have dry skin, fine lines, long fingers and a square palm.

The meaning behind the fingers in palmistry

Yes, your fingers hide many secrets, or rather, they can make you see traits of your personality that you have never noticed before.

Thumb: related to energy and vitality

Short: reveals an entrepreneurial spirit.

Comprido: shows intellectual tendencies.

Thin: indicates difficulty in making decisions.

Indicator: linked to ambition and pride

Short: reveals an artistic nature and a tendency to loneliness.

Comprido: shows willingness to be successful or desire for power.

Curved to the middle finger: reveals an introverted personality.

Medium: related to creativity

Short: reveals intuition and creative power.

Long: shows intelligence and tenacity.

Wide: indicates a tendency to be pessimistic.

Ring: linked to emotional life

Short: reveals difficulty in dealing with one’s emotions and with different people.

Long: indicates to be a balanced person and well resolved with his emotions.

Minimum: related to your connection with others

Away from the ring: it shows difficulty in expressing one’s feelings.

Slightly bent: indicates a tendency to act unfairly.

First long phalanx: it shows great ease in expressing itself.

The meanings behind the palm lines in palmistry

I don’t know if you’ve stopped to look at your hand carefully but it has several lines and marks. Well, there are 3 more important lines, and in addition to them 2 more that stand out enough for you to know what it is about: the deeper and clearer, the more evident is what they can indicate. Remembering that your hands reveal facts that are likely to be or happen, but are not decisive.

Life line

This is a line that analyzes both the personality and the future. Unlike what many say, she cannot predict death or life span, etc. This well-marked line can indicate good health; if it is weak it may indicate poor health; or if it is red and deep it can reveal a lot of strength and physical energy. In addition, this line can also indicate future obstacles that you will face throughout life.

Head Line

As the name suggests, this line is linked to mental issues such as intelligence and reasoning. It defines our mental and intellectual capacities, our values and beliefs, in addition to telling a little about our relationship with society.

Heart Line

Another very suggestive name, the heart line deals with emotional issues. It can reveal your tastes and posture in your relationships, including those parts you try to hide. In addition, she is also able to reveal facts about her love life, past, present and future relationships, including the possibility of future marriages.

Destination Line

This line is a complement to the others, it talks about your skills and how they influence your life, describes your ability to take responsibility or not, as well as your commitment to the goals you set. In short, she is a mixture of her personality and her life experiences.

Apolo Line

This is a difficult line to see and that people do not always have. It reveals our inner satisfaction that we experience throughout life, predicts the happiness that we will achieve by our own effort and merit. Out of curiosity, it is very visible in successful people, whether in love or professional life.

The meanings behind the hills

Other aspects to analyze are the mountains, which can also tell us a lot about our personalities. They are small divisions in our hands that are represented by planets.


Very apparent: it reveals that the person has a strong personality, health and vitality.

Little apparent: may indicate physical weakness.


Very apparent: it shows ambition and self-confidence.

Little apparent: it still shows self-confidence, but it also reveals a certain sensitivity.


Very apparent: it reveals a certain tendency towards loneliness and study.

Little apparent: it shows a relaxed and carefree personality.

Sol (or Apollo)

Very apparent: it indicates that the person is optimistic, lucky and talented.

Little apparent: it may reveal a lack of humor and lack of interest in art.


Very apparent: it shows that the person has a good mood and is easy to express himself.

Little apparent: if it is a large pile it may indicate a propensity to lie, otherwise it shows slow thinking.

Mars (both sides)

Very apparent: it may indicate physical strength and possible tendency towards aggressiveness.

Little apparent: it shows little courage and some difficulty in facing challenges.

Now that you know a little about palmistry, how about getting to know a little more? Nothing is decisive, but you can end up making many discoveries about yourself in the secrets that your hands hide.


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