What is libra's secret obsession?


Libra’s secret obsession is one of the healthiest and most beautiful in the Zodiac. Libra is a very social person, a person who lives by and for the people around him. Although he has his flaws and negatives, he has a huge heart and is very kind to the people he loves. Libra’s great obsession is to make everyone around him happy or at least have a reason to smile.

You can be very shy about showing your feelings, but you are always willing to listen to the feelings of others and pay attention to their needs. Libra is obsessed with peace, with making sure that no one quarrels, that everything has a harmony and that no one hurts anyone.

Libra cannot see how someone is suffering while he / she does nothing. Even if he is a stranger on the street. Libra will not stop until they see that that person is at peace and that they can remain calm. This obsession can be very toxic to the Libra himself. That excess of kindness to others makes you forget to be kind to yourself.

Many times, Libra is so focused on making the people around him happy that he forgets to make himself happy. In reality, this can turn out to be a big problem. If your obsession becomes very great, Libra could be stopping living his life to live the lives of others ... If he does not control his obsession, Libra can lose his self-love and that is a very sad thing. Although it may not seem like it, Libra’s secret obsession is finding happiness in all aspects of his life.

Libra will be happy when everyone around him is and when he himself also has the reasons to be. Thanks to this obsession, Libra is doing good to the world and bringing the harmony and peace that is sorely lacking many times ...

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