What is leo's secret obsession?


Leo’s secret obsession is not as secret as many think. Leo is pure fire and that makes him a sincere person to the maximum and very transparent. It is obvious that he has his secrets like everyone else, but most of the time he is very clear and makes clear what his intentions are. So hopefully Leo’s secret obsession is power and attention.

Leo loves power, he loves to rule over others, he loves to be the one who takes the reins of any type of situation. But this can go further. He always wants to be the most important of all the places he goes. He always wants to be the center of attention in all conversations that involve him.

The problem with this is that this obsession can be very dangerous. Perhaps, Leo’s obsession is the most dangerous and toxic in the Zodiac. If Leo takes his obsession to an extreme, he can become self-centered and even selfish. You can become someone who seeks attention without giving anything back. Someone who abuses his power without looking at others. But this can never go to that extreme, because deep down, Leo is a person with a big heart.

One of Leo’s life missions is to be someone with a lot of power, someone who is truly authoritarian. He hates being commanded and therefore prefers to rule over others. But at the same time, Leo would like to use that power to make others happy, to attract into his life people who really know how to value him, to go far with his dreams.

Leo’s obsession can become very dangerous if he does not know how to control it and if he takes it to extremes. But it can also be the healthiest obsession in the world. Thanks to this power, Leo can achieve many things and make the world a much happier place. The power that Leo can have over others makes us all feel more secure and protected.

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