What is it like to argue with scorpio?


Arguments are often painful and annoying, because despite everything, we are not always prepared for conflict. We can try to avoid them, but in the end, we will always find that from time to time it is necessary to argue. Arguing with Scorpio is very, very dangerous. It is not one of those signs that go around foolishly or with hints, no ... If you are looking for Scorpio, you will find him in his pure essence. He is not one of those who wastes time to discuss nonsense, he is one of those who goes straight to the problem.


Scorpio is not lazy when it comes to arguing with anyone, it does not mince words and much less when it is affected.

You may have your insecurities and your fears, but when it comes to arguing, that’s behind you. In those moments, he brings out his more warrior side, more secure, more intelligent.


You have to be very careful when arguing with him / her because any word you say can be used against you. Scorpio is experienced and knows what to do to leave you speechless and without arguments. And while he is arguing with you, in his mind he is devising a plan of revenge that he will carry out if things do not end with him / she would like. It is not that you are always on the defensive and ready to argue, you are simply protecting yourself from the evil of others.


Arguing with Scorpio is not a dish of good taste for anyone. Their looks hurt and their words kill ...

And yes, the scorpion also has its stubborn side and it ALWAYS has to be right. And if he doesn’t, he will do whatever it takes to manipulate you and convince you that your ideas are wrong. The Scorpio mind has very, very far-fetched ideas.  Ideas that will bring to light in the discussion to knock you out Do not be fooled because there are times that it seems totally harmless, but it is not ... Scorpio can be as good as he wants when he proposes it. But if he sets out to argue and be mean, he will be the worst of all.

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