What is it like to argue with leo?


Arguments are often painful and annoying, because despite everything, we are not always prepared for conflict. We can try to avoid them, but in the end, we will always find that from time to time it is necessary to argue. Arguing with Leo is fighting a battle in which you already know you are going to lose. Leo’s pride is the main cause of all the discussions that he faces in his day to day life. The lion in him is the one that forces him to draw his claws to defend what is his. In addition, that competitiveness that he has carried with him since he is born is what makes him fight to be the first and to have the last word.

In an argument and in life in general, Leo is always the one who calls the shots, the one who takes you just where he / she wants to go without you even noticing.

If by any chance you have to argue with Leo, it is better that you do it in a peaceful and relaxed way. Simply for your own good. If you do it the right way, you can reach a good agreement and solve those conflicts that you had with Leo. Of course, if you do not want to endanger your physical integrity, do not even think of going bad with Leo because remember that he / she can be much worse than you. And he is not minding, if he has to tell you things, he tells you. If he has to drop poisoned darts, he lets go of them, period.

As you make Leo explode, the discussion will have neither head nor tail. There will even be times when you lose control of everything you are saying.

Times when all you do is say things to hurt yourself and to keep your own ego in good stead. Leo’s ego is the most important thing and he will do anything to defend it. A Leo never falls low or at least, will never admit that he has fallen low. But it is a fire sign and very impulsive, and just as quickly as it can get its claws out, it can also get your heart out.

The best thing about arguing with Leo is that this anger is over soon. It ends the moment you see that you can’t get anything good out of it. At that moment when you realize that it will not end well… Arguing with Leo is a risky sport, so please do it very carefully.

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