What is it like to argue with cancer?


Arguments are often painful and annoying, because despite everything, we are not always prepared for conflict. We can try to avoid them, but in the end, we will always find that from time to time it is necessary to argue. Cancer is a very sensitive and emotional sign that will avoid conflict and discussion whenever possible. But there are times when it resists him and his more dramatic side comes to light. And since Cancer finds it very difficult to hide her emotions, everything that happens will quickly be seen in her face.

Arguing with Cancer is difficult simply because in addition to arguing with him / her, you will have to face all that hurricane of emotions that comes with the pack.

Do not get carried away by appearances, because, although Cancer seems very calm, arguing with him / her can be complicated.

In an argument, Cancer is able to bring out his character and his dark side, especially if he sees that you are not doing anything to understand him and that you are not able to listen to everything he has to say. The best thing in a discussion with Cancer is to seek understanding and reach an intermediate agreement. Worry about not getting to see their tears because it will be there when there is no going back.

When everything turns into an emotional storm that will drag you into it too and it will be very difficult to get out of there. With Cancer it is best to discuss from peace, tranquility and distance. Nothing to remove dirty laundry that at that moment do not come to mind. And if you do, Cancer will surprise you and take out other little details that you have surely forgotten.

Cancer when it wants and it is proposed, can become the very Karma in person, so be careful.

On the other hand, if from the first moment of the discussion, you show compassion for the crab, everything will end sooner than you imagine. Of course, do not doubt that if you want to find the dark side of Cancer, you will find it sooner or later. Arguing with Cancer requires a lot of patience and, above all, a lot of tact and care ...

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