What is it like to argue with aquarius?


Arguments are often painful and annoying, because despite everything, we are not always prepared for conflict. We can try to avoid them, but in the end, we will always find that from time to time it is necessary to argue. Arguing with Aquarius is special like him / herself. What happens with Aquarius is that it costs him a lot to confess what happens to him. And the problem is that he gets angry, but rarely will he explain why.

It is a very introverted sign, a sign that keeps things to itself. And that’s not a bad thing.

The problem really comes when it affects other people in your close circle. The dark side of Aquarius is that he has many things to say, but he rarely says them. He has everything he wants to say prepared in his mind, but he will never open his mouth to say it.

Arguing with Aquarius is very difficult for the mere fact that it is very difficult for him to explain his feelings. It is very difficult to know what is going through your mind and that is always an inconvenience. And yes, there is a point in which the Aquarius himself recognizes that this way he will not solve anything. And he blames himself, he blames himself for being so closed and for not sharing what happens to him with others. It is at that moment that he takes the initiative and will tell you everything he has to say. Of course, Aquarius will never be one of those who mount antics or scenes in public. He will always tell you in privacy, but still with a lot of respect and education.

There may be times when you lose your temper and your papers, but that rarely happens.

It happens when you bump into rude people or people who don’t know how to admit that they were wrong. Because yes, Aquarius will have its flaws and its quirks, but education will never lack and respect much less. Arguing with Aquarius is a great challenge, really, you have to be very prepared for it because it is not easy. You have to know how to deal with Aquarius because your inner world is a world that is yet to be discovered.

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