What Is Infidelity According to Leo?


When it comes to infidelity it is clear that there is always one in the couple that is most harmed, this type of betrayal can only bring pain to those who live it. Although we cannot generalize because sometimes life puts us in circumstances that we never thought we could go through, fidelity also depends on the characteristics of a person. This is infidelity according to Leo.

Today we want to tell you how Leo takes the issue of fidelity and what can lead them to it, take a look at infidelity according to Leo and do not stay with the desire to know more about this topic ...

If Leo is not unfaithful it is for two reasons, one because he is in love and two because for them infidelity is a way to fall low and dirty the values of which until that moment he had been so proud. Now, if the person who is with a Leo stops making him feel special, humiliates him or belittles him, this sign may fall at some point in his life into what for them is a real mistake, infidelity. Leo is one of those who think that when someone else catches your attention and makes you feel things it is because the relationship you have no longer works ... why else then?

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