Horary Astrology: What It Is And How It Works?

Horary Astrology: What It Is And How It Works?

Did you know that the date, place and time of an event is responsible for many characteristics related to the situation? That’s right, by knowing the hour, minutes and seconds, the location and the exact day and month of a fact, we can identify the importance and everything it can provide in the future. The positioning of the stars at the exact moment of an event or questioning can interfere, a lot, in the behavior and relationships that this can provide.

Horary Astrology is a very old branch of Kabbalistic Astrology. In this area, astrology is in charge of answering questions asked by a person, that answer is elaborated according to an analysis of the astrological chart. This analysis is performed based on the exact date, place and time the question was asked.

Horary Astrology is able to find answers only to specific questions, not being responsible for analyzes and questions related to personality traits, behaviors or influences of different situations.

Some doubts about Horary Astrology

When does the question happen?

The astrologer takes into account the moment when the person asks the question. The answers are always more precise and exact when the question arises together with the presence of the astrologer, in this way, it is possible to analyze with more precision and certainty. When the astrologer receives and understands the question clearly and objectively, the chances of precision and accuracy in reading are much more effective.

What questions can be answered?

Virtually all questions can be answered through Horary Astrology. For the astrologer’s analysis to be carried out more accurately, the question must be formulated in such a way as to require direct answers, for example, yes or no. The more direct the question, the more accurate the answer will be.

Why consult Horary astrology?

Horary Astrology is widely used for specific issues that afflict or hinder a certain moment or a certain decision.

In analyzing the question, the astrologer takes into account factors such as the positioning of the stars, astral influences and some other factors that may interfere positively or negatively in the person and at the moment when the question is asked and asked.

If you are looking for objective answers to everyday questions, look for an astrologer to make an appointment based on Horary Astrology.

How to ask a question for Horary Astrology?

Be precise, clear and objective when asking your questions. Make your questioning clear and provide the possibility of simple and direct answers. Search the stars for answers to your most common questions. After all, no questioning is silly or unnecessary, all questions must be answered and this can change and interfere a lot in your life. Think about it!

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