What is gemini's secret obsession?


Gemini’s secret obsession is much simpler than others expect. He is a very intelligent person with a lot of wisdom, but his secret obsession is far from all that. Do not forget that Geminis are very social and that they live by and to relate to others. Gemini’s secret obsession is finding his soul mate. Be careful, it doesn’t have to be a sentimental relationship.

For Geminis, any type of strong relationship can have great meaning in their life. Gemini’s obsession is meeting someone with whom they truly complement themselves to the fullest and who they feel they can count on at all times and forever. Geminis can’t stop meeting new people until they meet their soul mate. The problem is that there are times when he becomes very obsessed and can demand too much from others.

For Geminis, relationships are very important and, in the end, it is very difficult to move forward if you feel lonely or if you cannot find someone to keep up with you. He is very independent and knows that his happiness does not depend on anyone, but he does not feel as comfortable and comfortable being alone as being surrounded in good company. His obsession can reach such a point that sometimes loneliness bothers him a lot.

The only thing Gemini wants is to find a person and have a connection with them that will last a lifetime. But the problem is that since he seems to meet new people every day, it is very difficult for others to trust him 100%. It may seem to others that Geminis are not serious and that their words are blown away. But the best thing about this obsession is that Gemini will not stay with people who do not fill him / her or who do not complete him / her the way he / she likes. Geminis will fight with all their might until they find a person who truly deserves them.

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