What Is Feng Shui? Discover The Benefits Of This Practice!

What Is Feng Shui? Discover The Benefits Of This Practice!

Daily, we all seek to attract positive thoughts, increase the chances of new opportunities, in addition to warding off and filtering out bad energy.

The environment where we live, work and study can be essentially responsible for the positive energies that guide and motivate our routine. The decoration, the colours, the direction of the furniture, among other factors, all of these can interfere, positively or negatively, with our thoughts and attitudes.

The history of Feng Shui

Feng Shui is an ancient art capable of enhancing positive trends and minimizing negative aspects and vibrations.

Responsible for attracting good health, harmony in the family, friends, love, money and excellent fluids, Feng Shui is considered a technique that harmonizes energies through pillars sustained in oriental philosophy.

Created about 2,000 years ago, Feng Shui has a philosophical basis with a strong relationship with medicine, acupuncture, tai chi and I Ching. Integrating heaven, earth and man, Feng Shui studies the relationship between these three elements.

The main concern of Feng Shui in its creation was to find the ideal place for the development of life.

The meaning of Feng Shui

  • In Chinese culture, Feng means wind, and Shui means water, essential and fundamental elements for developing a prosperous life. Wind and water carry energies that can be conducted and guided.
  • The technique, which emerged based on the observation of nature, I observe that people with problems had their conditions aggravated when attending specific environments.
  • The reorganization of furniture, the change in the position of objects, and the use of new colours can make any environment more harmonious.

Are you curious about how Feng Shui can positively influence your life?

We have separated five curiosities that will make you immediately change some things in the environments you frequent.

1. Did you know that prosperity comes through the door?

Prosperity and wealth always come through the main door of the property. To be sure that they will fully enter the environment, it is essential to have a number always visible. The door should also move quickly and have nothing that gets stuck or makes it difficult to open.

2. Water brings abundance

For Feng Shui, every house should have a calm river in front of it, but as this is rarely possible, the technique encourages the use of objects and pictures that illustrate water. Able to attract a lot of prosperity, water (or things that symbolize it) must be close to the entrance door, both inside and outside.

3. The power of fire

Responsible for preparing the main foods we consume, the stove is the primary source of fire in any home. Considered a prosperous element, the fire deserves some special care: always keep the stove clean, never leave the oven broken, I didn’t go dumpsters nearby and try to use, even if alternately, all the mouths.

4. The danger of leaks

Just as water brings prosperity, the presence of leaks symbolizes prosperity leaving. A broken pipe, besides wasting water, is responsible for throwing away all prosperity, attracting harmful fluids.

The symbolism of being broken can bring even more negative energies to the environment, so fix leaks as soon as possible.

5. Life spread throughout the environment

The presence of flowers and plants means the presence of life. Having well-kept flower pots and green plants attracts good energy and vitality. If you are looking for even more prosperity in your home or work environment, spread yellow and red flowers. For those who want to harmonize love and togetherness, a bouquet of roses is an excellent option. Now, if you are looking for wealth, invest in pots with sunflowers.

Do not let negative energies, bad influences and other negative factors control your decisions and guide your day today.

Check out our Feng Shui category. Invest in techniques and attract much more prosperity and luck to your life!

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