What is cancer's secret obsession?


Cancer is generally quite honest with their feelings. So maybe your secret obsession is not as secret as it seems to be. He is someone very honest, especially when it comes to saying and expressing what he feels. Cancer does not support lying, it does not support having secrets so it has no problem in saying openly what it likes and what it does not like. Cancer’s obsession is success.

Basically he is obsessed with finding happiness, stability, with making all his dreams come true. Cancer is a very dreamy person but he is also a person who works like nobody else to make all those dreams come true. He becomes very obsessed with finding that happiness that he seeks so much throughout his life.

Cancer likes success, but not professional success, or success that gets you recognized wherever you go. No, simply that success that is related to himself, to his family and to the people who love him. Cancer is obsessed with being a successful person in relationships, in the family, and in self-esteem. To achieve that long-awaited success, Cancer is going to have to work hard, much more than she imagines. Even at times, he / she can become obsessed more than necessary and set goals that are too high for him / her. And that’s where the problems arise.

This Cancer obsession does not usually bring too many problems, but there are times when you want to go further than you really can and there everything is dangerous and toxic. And since it is hardly dramatic, it is capable of anything. But the best thing about this obsession is that Cancer will not stop until they find true happiness, until they achieve the success they have been dreaming of for so long. Cancer seeks to find that point of stability in which they are happy with all their relationships, with all their projects, but, above all, with their self-esteem and self-esteem.

In reality, the greatest obsession of Cancer is to reach that point where it is loved, valued and respected as it really deserves. By the time he can trust himself, Cancer will have achieved that success that he is so obsessed with.

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