What is aries secret obsession?


Anyone who knows Aries well knows that their secret obsession may not be so secret. Aries is a super transparent person who is unable to keep almost anything for himself. Aries’ greatest obsession will always be to be competitive and come first. At first, it may seem that he is a person who goes to his ball and goes through everything. He does not care about winning, he does not even care about victory. But that’s totally a facade.

Deep down, Aries is very itchy to be the first, to want to be the best and to stand out among the others. This does not seem to be a problem in reality. But it becomes a real problem when it becomes a necessity. That’s when Aries makes being the first in everything his great obsession.

Aries has a habit of being quite an authoritarian person, of leading any type of situation and conflict. And the truth is that this is something that he is quite good at. It makes for a very unhealthy obsession when he is able to do anything to be the best. It is not that Aries likes to hurt others, but because of the competition, it can become dangerous.

He is never going to step on anyone, but if he sees that his opponent is starting to nip at his heels or if he sees that victory is fading from his hands, then he draws his fury. He does not realize it, but many times because of this, Aries can lose many people who love him and who really care about him. He becomes so obsessed with being the best that he forgets about other important things like his relationships. But it is true that, thanks to that obsession, Aries has managed to get so far to where he is today and knows that without it he would not have half of the things he has right now in his life.

After all, Aries is proud of who it is, with its flaws and its virtues.

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