What is aquarius secret obsession?


The secrets of Aquarius are always very hidden. Not even the people who know him best are able to know what his most secret obsession is. But if you really start to look at their way of acting and thinking, you will realize which is Aquarius’ obsession. His secret obsession is always looking for an alternative option, a different way of doing things. Aquarius is a special person with a lot of creativity on his mind.

He does not follow rules or fashions, he always goes his own way and setting his own path. Therefore, in the face of any situation that arises, Aquarius becomes obsessed with finding a way to do things his way. To look for an exit that is not equal to the rest of the people. He does it unconsciously, he does it because he feels that it does not fit in with what others are doing.

People do not understand the need for Aquarius to have new experiences in life. Nobody can imagine what it might feel like when you step out of your comfort zone, when you try something new. The unknown brings Aquarius new emotions. His true obsession is to achieve the maximum possible freedom. He is always escaping from those things or those situations that attack him and that do not let him be himself. He looks for an alternative option because he knows that that way he will be able to be as free as he / she wants. You must be very careful with this obsession, because if you do not control it, it can become dangerous.

This obsession can make Aquarius feel uncomfortable in a routine. Or that he is not able to follow a mandatory rule. So that this does not happen to him, Aquarius has to remind himself every day that he must keep his feet as close to the ground as possible. And that as much as you like to find a way to escape from reality, you have to live in it as long as possible. As much as Aquarius likes to mark his path and do things his way, he has to be careful not to harm others. Because there are times when, unintentionally, you are not aware of the damage that you can do ...

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