What is a warning for virgo in october?


The year is ending, Virgo, but you still have a thousand plans and a thousand resolutions to fulfill. We are getting closer to ending 2019 and taking stock of the good and the bad. But don’t worry, Virgo, because there is still time to make the most of the year and to go as far as you set out to do. The important thing now is not to ruin this month of October and make the most of every minute. To do this, you have to invest all the time in yourself. From now on, you have to be your top priority yourself. Nobody can occupy that position, Virgo, nobody can be above you, do you understand?

Due to life circumstances and different things that you have had to live lately, you have been neglecting yourself a bit. Not only physically, but also mentally.

It is time to return to those routines and those habits in which you were so happy. Virgo, be careful and do not get too distracted by the dramas of others because you are forgetting about yourself.
Yes, you can’t see how someone you care about is wrong and do nothing, but don’t forget that you also have to take care of yourself.

Don’t neglect your self-esteem or self-esteem for a single minute. Usually you leave it in the background because you think it is not something important. Despite your fame, you are someone who came into the world to help others, but, Virgo, remember that it is also important that you help yourself. This October, practice self-love, pamper yourself as much as you want and don’t forget to give yourself that little whim that helps you raise your self-esteem. You will see how happy you are once you feel comfortable in your own body. Once you have your body and mind connected to each other, everything will be fine ...

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