What is a warning for taurus in october?


We are already in the final stretch of the year, Taurus, but surely you still have a thousand plans and a thousand resolutions to fulfill. There is less and less time left, each time we are closer to the end of 2019, but don’t worry, Taurus, because you can still fulfill your dreams. The important thing now is not to ruin the remainder of the year, and for this, we must start by not ruining this month of October.

What you have to do, Taurus, is not to allow someone toxic from your past to return to your world and your mind. It has cost you a lot to close that wound as if for now to open it again as if nothing had happened. Don’t give absolutely anyone permission to hurt you again. No, Taurus, remember at all times how strong you are and do not fall into their networks again.

This month you will need a lot of willpower, more than you imagine. You are in a difficult moment, yes, but everything can change for the better. IT ALL depends on you, Taurus.
If you do not want that person to enter your life again, do not let them pass, period. Show that you still have clear ideas and that you are not going to be convinced by his crocodile tears. And above all, Taurus, you have to be faithful to your heart as much as possible. That person hurt you a lot and your heart does not deserve to suffer for someone like that again, much less now.

In order not to ruin this month, Taurus, don’t give people who don’t deserve it a second chance. Now your only obligation is to get the best of yourself and think about that future that is about to come. Do not give yourself the whim to take a step back because it will be worse than you imagine. No, Taurus, now it is not convenient for you to walk into the arms of someone who no longer deserves you.

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