What is a warning for scorpio in october?


Little by little the year is ending, Scorpio, and with it the opportunities to fulfill all those resolutions that you made at the beginning of the year end. The important thing right now is not to focus on not ruining a single opportunity that comes your way. You have to give your best, because, in addition, in the middle of this month, just on the 23rd your season begins and you have to be prepared for everything to come.

Look, Scorpio, in order not to ruin this month of October, you have to stop comparing yourself to the people around you. Your life is different from that of others and this is not a competition of who is happier. Everyone is the way they are and everyone has their problems, Scorpio, this is something that you have to get into your head anyway.

Do not convince yourself that you are on the wrong path simply because you have not yet reached those goals that you have set for yourself.
Face it, Scorpio, you feel a little envious when you see how others are happy, how they do their life and how they enjoy their victories. But you don’t have to be overwhelmed, much less bitter. Yes, there are times when you hate Karma and destiny for not giving you what you deserve, but there is peace and, above all, patience, Scorpio.

“EVERYTHING happens for a reason”, that must be your motto this month, Scorpio. It’s okay to ask yourself questions, it’s okay to feel lost, and it’s okay to rejoice in all the good that happens to others. Nothing happens if success or happiness takes a little longer to arrive. If it takes time, maybe it’s for something. It sure is worth the wait, Scorpio, so be confident. And most importantly, don’t waste another minute of your life watching how everyone says they are happy on their social networks. Everything is a lie, so stop comparing yourself so much to others and live your own life. Sooner or later, you will find that happiness that you long for so much ...

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