What is a warning for sagittarius in october?


The final stretch of the year is here, Sagittarius. And you feel that you still have a thousand plans and a thousand pending purposes. Time is gradually running out, but relax, because you still have many opportunities ahead. The important thing is not to ruin what remains of the year, not to ruin this month of October. To do this, you have to keep a few things in mind. You have to be careful and think carefully about what and in whom you invest your energy. It’s okay to help others, to give your arm to those people you love so much and who need your help so much. But be careful, because not everyone is who they say they are.

Your kindness most of the time is a great virtue, but it can also be a flaw. Yes, Sagittarius, is that many times people take advantage of that kindness and that kind character that you have.

If you invest all your energy in pleasing, helping, making others happy, in the end you will end up forgetting about your own happiness.
You will get lost on the way and it will be very difficult to find again what is the reason to smile.

What you have to do this October, Sagittarius, is to stop fooling around and start worrying more about your own happiness. There’s no more. Do not be afraid to be a little more selfish, to protect what is yours, to take care of what really makes you happy. This does not mean that now you will not be there for yours. Simply that, from this month, you will be much more for yourself.

Make yourself a promise, Sagittarius, and promise to take care of yourself much more and satisfy your needs before those of others. And much less, Sagittarius, forget about investing your energy in people who do not deserve it, people who do nothing for you. Those out from this moment. From now on, you will be only for those people who are there for you and no one else.

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