What is a warning for pisces in october?


The year is ending, Pisces, but you feel that you still have a thousand things to do. You have a few months ahead of you to fulfill those resolutions that are still pending. Now you have to worry about making the most of all the opportunities that come your way. And for this, Pisces, it is important that you listen to this little warning. It is time to stop drowning in all those responsibilities, it is time, Pisces, to put all those unnecessary worries aside. You worry too much about what will happen, instead of worrying about what is happening right now.

From now on, Pisces, you have to start living much more in the present and with your feet on the ground. Do not focus all your attention and all your energy on a future that you still do not know how or when it will arrive. You now, Pisces, worry about what is happening and not about what could or could not happen tomorrow.

You are very much about imagining what you would like to happen or imagining that future in which you are going to live.
And yes, Pisces, there are times that it is good for you to disconnect from your responsibilities and to remove stress from yourself, but perhaps now is the time to live in the present.

Do your best to live in the moment, Pisces. You have to put all your effort into learning to appreciate today and not tomorrow or yesterday. Because it must be recognized that you are also a lot to live in the past and now that is precisely not convenient for you. This October you have to do everything you can to enjoy the moment and live in the present. Nothing else, Pisces, just that. Stop worrying so much about the future because when it comes, you will regret not having lived in the present long enough.

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