What is a warning for libra in october?


October is your month, Libra, and you are doing everything you can to enjoy it as much as possible. But you have to be careful in certain things, above all, not to ruin this special moment that you are living right now. And it is that, Libra, right now you feel unstoppable, wanting to eat the world and you trust a lot in destiny and precisely because of that, you can ruin October. Do not relax, much less now. Do not trust yourself and do not let destiny do everything for you. If you really want something, go after it to the fullest and give all you can of yourself. Right now all you want is to enjoy and live in the moment, and the last thing you want is to get your hands dirty and get to work on it.

This month it is totally forbidden to say no and make excuses, both to others and to yourself, Libra. It’s over, it’s over with staying indoors while the rest of the world lives their lives.

No more leaving for tomorrow what you can do today. Do not put off absolutely anything, not even a plan, not even an obligation.
If you have to do something, if you have to face something, do it as soon as possible. Once you get rid of it, you can continue living your life and enjoying this special month.

Your life can change from today if you want and if you do everything you have to do. Don’t let your ass stay wanting because if you really want to, you can go as far as you want. If necessary, it is repeated a thousand times, but, Libra, it is your damn month and you cannot waste the opportunities that you have in front of you. Now or never. Don’t let more time pass and things get cold. Don’t let these opportunities grab your things and go out the back door without even saying goodbye. Don’t relax for a minute and really fight for what you want. And then… enjoy your month!

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