What is a warning for leo in october?


2019 is over and it has been a somewhat different and special year for you. There are still things to live, but time is running out. Now you have to focus on not ruining all the opportunities that lie ahead. And for this, it is important that you listen to this little warning. You still have a thousand resolutions to fulfill and you cannot let anything ruin this month of October and the rest of the year.

You have had to live things that have not been easy at all, Leo, but you have to stop assuming that the rest of your life is going to be as difficult as it has been until now.
Look that you are a very positive person, but there are times when you get too carried away by the drama.

Right now, Leo, you have to focus on finding yourself again and putting all the shit aside. You cannot let your anger, disappointment, and anxiety wash over you and turn you into someone you are not. Out there is a world full of opportunities for you, opportunities that are waiting for you to stop being so negative to come into your life. You need action, but you won’t find it until you take off that breastplate, Leo… There are people trying to enter your heart, but if you continue like this, the only thing you’ll get is that they give up and leave little by little.

You have to start looking more at those people who are by your side every day, those who always help you or who do everything possible to make you smile. Do not belittle them, Leo, because your happiness can be found in them. There are people who you are not valuing as they deserve because of your frustrations. This cannot go on like this, you have to change now. Do not forget all the beautiful things that are in that world. There is not only shit, that is something that right now only you can see. You have to go further, Leo, you have to recover that good vibe that characterizes you so much to bring out this month of October.

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