What is a warning for cancer in october?


The year is ending, Cancer, and with it the opportunities to make those resolutions that you promised yourself at the beginning of the year come true. But don’t worry, because there is still time. The important thing now is not to ruin this month of October, a month that is full of positive energy that you like so much. You are at a somewhat critical moment. You are between a rock and a hard place, between positive and negative energy. But you have to do your best to focus only on the good. To see the good in yourself and also in others.

It’s time to let good-hearted people away just because they made a mistake in the past. Look, Cancer, nobody is perfect, even yourself sure that at some point you have hurt someone without wanting to. This month you have to learn to forgive. It is true that there are unforgivable things, there are betrayals that no matter how much you want, you will not be able to turn the page. But it is not those betrayals that you have to forgive precisely ... You have to learn to forgive those small mistakes that we make without bad intentions.

You have to stop assuming that all the people who come into your life are going to hurt you. There are bad, very bad people, capable of anything, but you have to trust in goodness.
Do not let that damage they did to you in the past also become the damage they will do to you in the future. Don’t let your heart turn into pure ice ... Cancer, you weren’t like that, don’t let the mistakes of others turn you into something you are not. You are strong now, so don’t be afraid to trust others again. Don’t be afraid to give second chances. If your heart tells you that you can do it, do it. After all, your intuition is always right so, now more than ever, trust it because if you do, you will be on the right track.

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