What is a warning for aquarius in october?


2019 is ending, Aquarius, but there is still time to live all that you want to live and to fulfill all those purposes that are still pending. Now is the time to make the most of all those opportunities that present themselves. And for this, Aquarius, it is important that you listen to this little warning. Don’t push yourself too hard, don’t try so hard to meet expectations. You are demanding a lot of yourself right now and there will be a time when your body cannot keep up with that frenetic pace. You want to do a thousand things, you want to be in a thousand places at the same time and you are trying to give everything of yourself to fulfill it.

But, Aquarius, do not forget that it is necessary to rest, stop, leave time to think. The world is coming over you many times and instead of stopping to rest, all you do is accumulate more charges. Look, Aquarius, if you want to enjoy life you have to learn to say no and, above all, you have to learn to take your time. Right now you need to have fun, but you’re afraid to say no to all those responsibilities and burdens that you have on top of you.

Do not forget that you are an air sign and that you need to fly, you need freedom. And this month you should put your best effort into recovering this freedom that makes you feel so good when you have it.
You need to get your essence back before the year is out, Aquarius, for your own good. You have been someone you are not really for weeks, simply because of all those things that you have to accomplish. Stop pushing yourself so hard, stop trying to fulfill all your expectations, and start worrying about your true happiness. This month, do your best to find more time for yourself and, above all, more time for your friends. Do not forget that at the end of the day it is with them who you can really be as free as you want ...

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